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Surya Devi & Boujou Cissoko – Where Do People Go

This song spontaneously arose one evening while searching

the downtown east side for a friend that had gone missing.

A year later we returned to those streets for a day to connect and film the video to the song. Many of the characters of this video are residents of the DTES who willingly and joyfully participated in the experience. One woman was in tears as she had dreamed of dancing in a music video her whole life.   It was a magical day.

Dedicated to Randy Ponzio, a great musician & man who left us too soon.

Directed by Rosalee Yagihara

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Ali Dahesh & Kasseb feat. KIDS – Change

Beat / Mix & Master: Ali Dahesh
Recorded at: Kelvin’s Studio (North Vancouver)
Video Edit by: Ali Dahesh (DAHESH FILMS)


Srikalogy – Radha Ramana Ft. Srikala, Luminahdi, BrandX

Album: Srikalogy: Kirtan Sessions Vol1.


ATMA & Son Of Saturn – Twelve Meridians feat. Lone Ninja

Twelve Meridians feat. Lone Ninja
from ATMA & Son of Saturn – Jakobz Ladder Vol. 1 (The Croatoa Koans)

ATMA & Son Of Saturn – Light Code (Official Video)

From The Jakobz Ladder album “The Croatoa Koans”

Beat Produced By: Kuma7
Video By: Chris Hutchins of Shoplift Films

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