Sadhu Militia is a superconscious spiritual hip-hop collective, a merging of minds from over 30 countries in more than 20 different languages…



Anahata Sacred Sound Current (beatmakers/producers, USA), Srikala & Luminahdi, (USA), Bliss of Ascended Masters (Hawaii), Crazy Monk (West USA), Atma of Masta Buildas (Central USA), Son of Saturn (Central USA), Kali Sandoval (Argentina), Surya Devi (West Coast of Canada), Big Boujou aka Boujou Badialy Cissoko (Senegal), Zaika Dos Santos (Brazil), Aura Phi (Spain), Jahn Illuminati Congo aka Jah Naga Baba (Central USA), Ali Dahesh (Iran & West Coast of Canada), Cosmic Crusader of LCOB, Antahlyzah of DNA (Central USA), Ammoeinser (Germany), Decipher 73I, Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu (France), Kalki (East & Central Canada), Flame Phoenicx (South Africa), Egris aka Subefect (Romania), York Siddhartha (Mexico), Gordo Templi Oripentips (England), Kapwon aka Lord Kapila (England), Genesis Siete (Spain), Grom aka Old Child (Russia), Tommy Evok (Italy), Geist-One (Puerto Rico), Absztrakkt (Germany), Yugen Blakrok (South Africa), Mighty Kalipssus (Colombia), Alessa Bless (Isle of Man), Hethert Aum (USA), Kush Nubia (Jamaica/Canada)

Artistic & Filmmaking team currently consists of:
Geist-One (graphic designer, Puerto Rico), Kapwon (logo designer, UK), BoilButtZ vs KnOttS (visual artists, Central Canada), The Ramsuchit Family (Raphael Atma, Randy & Romain, aka Dara Salam, Faded Allah, video producers, New York), Bionca Brayboy (visual artist, Central USA), Svetlyo Psykoize (web designer, Bulgaria/Greece) & many more to come…

Anahata Sacred Sound Current is made up of several members, the founder being Anahata Beatspeaker, who is the driving force behind the Vimanas Project & Sadhu Militia. Anahata Sacred Sound Current is a collective of artists from a variety of styles fusing Hip Hop, Middle Eastern, Native American, Reggae, & Kirtan. After a near death experience several years ago Anahata Beatspeaker‘s life turned in a more spiritual direction and he became a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. His vision is to unify the people of the world through the gift of music. Other members of ASSC are:
Bass: Captain Ryan Bassie | Vocals (English & Sanskrit): Surya Devi & Jahnaga Baba | Tabla: Ankush Vimawala
Flutes: James E. Greeley | Cuts: Steve Treez | Mixed & mastered by: Jason VibeTheory Turbyfill

Bliss aka Siren is a native Hawai’ian who speaks, sings and raps in both English and occasionally Olelo Hawai’i. She is of Hawai’ian, German, Filipino and Chinese ancestry. She is a co-founder of Ascended Masters with her husband Dee Are, The Beat Poets with Son of Saturn, and The Braineaters, as well as a member of the Nine Fingers Beggar Clan and Plague Monks. She represents Revolt Motion Recordings, and is affiliated with the Underground Hip Hop Coalition Page & Radio Show.

Crazy Monk is a spiritual hip-hop artist hailing Washington who now resides in Fresno, California, USA. His ethnic background is Puerto Rican, Romanian, Romany Gypsy, Native American & European. He is a descendent of Spiritual Hip-Hop, Yogis, Sadhus & Bauls of India, Indigenous Shamans/Medicine People, Sufis, Shaolin Kung Fu Lineage, The Pangea Shaman Clan & All Spiritual Traditions. He raps in English, limited Sanskrit, Multi-tradition Esoteric Spiritual Terminology & Street Mystic Hip-Hop Dialect and is a member of New Cocoon, Sacred E.S.P. (Sacred Eternal Sound Platoon), Hip Hop Emcee Lineage & Science of Freestyle.

York Siddhartha aka Monk Lobsang Rampa is a native of Mexico city, Mexico, who raps in Spanish & English & is one of the original first artists of Revolt Motion Recordings, as well as a member of Rapdikaloops Crew in Mexico.

Gordo Templi hails from Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom and raps in English. He is a member of Sativa Isis, Dark Side of the Moon, & a co-founder of Enlightened Soulz.

Kali Sandoval is a singer, rapper and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who sings and raps in Spanish. She was part of Las Aguas FREESYSTEM a hip hop duo with Rocío del Pilar.  Also is co-founder of the group Ganges Baby (Hip Hop – Trap – Dancehall) with Ale Baus a.k.a Beat Bastard. She is also working on her solo project and making collaborations with national and intenational artists like Kalki (Canada), Cehache Respira (Argentina), Siti Slicka (USA), Princesa (Argentina), Roarin Lion y Aura Phi (España)..

Surya Devi hails from Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada, and sings in English, Sanskrit and Tibetan. She is a member of Anahata Sacred Sound Current, as well as of the kirtan hip-hop collective Vimanas Project, and is an artist of Revolt Motion Recordings.

Boujou Badialy Cissoko aka Big Boujou hails from Dakar, Senegal, and sings and raps in Wolof, Mandinko, English & French. His family name is very well known in West Africa & Europe for having produced many legendary & successful talents.

Jahn the Baptist of Illuminati Congo aka Jah Naga Baba currently resides in Chicago, USA, and raps & sings in English & Sanskrit. He is a member of Anahata Sacred Sound Current & Vimanas Project, as well as a co-founder of Masta Buildas & Illuminati Congo, and works at Nyahbanga Records.

Ali Dahesh is a native of Tehran, Iran who now resides in Vancouver, in Western Canada. He raps and sings in both English & Farsi. He is the founder of Rasta Farsi & Deheshi Empire, co-founder of ATAK & Endless Knights, and is a member of Empty Handed Warrirors & Revolt Motion Recordings.

Antahlyzah of DNA is from Chicago, USA, and raps in English. He is a co-founder of DNA (Drac N Antahlyst) & of Magnificent Abolitionist.

Ammoeinser is a native of Dusseldorf, Germany who now lives in Ludenscheid. He raps in German & English and is a co-founder of Tempel Music Productions.

Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu aka Nbmaatra Chesep Ankh Tum is originally from Morocco but now roams around France, preferring small villages to big cities. He raps in French, but also speaks Arabic & Hebrew, along with a few notions of Mandarin Chinese, Camerounian Beti, and Tomon Kan (Dogonese tongue), he includes all these elements within his hip-hop, as well as mastering the decyphering and writing of Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sanskrit, Sumerian cuneiform, Akkadian, and Ugaritic languages. Apart from Sadhu Militia, he is also a member of Shamaanik Chambah and Plague Monks, and is one of the first artists of Revolt Motion Recordings.

Kalki aka Antony of Egypt is a Romanian/Ukrainian Gypsy-Mohawk Métis who was born in Toronto, Canada, and grew up in Paris, France, & later Quebec city, Canada. He now resides in Regina, Canada and raps in English, French, and occasionally Spanish. He is a co-founder of ATAK & Sadhu Militia, and a member of Vimanas Project, Plague Monks, Atlantis Army, The League of Xtraordinary Emcees, Enlightened Soulz, Endless Knights, Sands of Time & Ascetic Dialect. He is currently assisting in the management of Revolt Motion Recordings as well as being an artist within it, and is a member of Empty Handed Warriors, Deheshi Empire, Rasta Farsi, Overground Movement & Dphiant Productions, as well as an affiliate of Cane Corso Records.

Egris aka Subefect aka Yochanan comes from Barlad City in Romania, and raps in both Romanian and English. He is a co-founder of the groups Exoteric/Sunet Sacru/UnderSoul and is affiliated with Sickside Romania & Studiou Pizdii Records.

Kapwon aka Lord Kapila is currently wandering in the United Kingdom, and is of Druidic Celtic heritage (Ireland). He raps in English and represents People’s Army, Guerrilla Republik & Sadhu Militia.

Genesis Siete was born and raised in Pais Vasco, Spain, and raps in both Spanish & English. He is a co-founder of Clan the Warriors/Armas del Manana.

Tommaso Rosato aka Tommy Evok was born in Southern Italy & now lives close to Rome, raps and writes deep spiritual songs in Italian, he is a member of the Rhyme Grinderz Crew, representing Southern Italy.

Raymond Solares aka Geist-One, the official graphic designer of Sadhu Militia, is a native of Puerto Rico who raps in Spanish & resides in the city of Mayaguez.

Yugen Blakrok is a native of South Africa who now currently resides in Johannesburg aka Johazardousburg who writes and raps in English, and is an artist of Iapetus Records. She is also part of Sistah Slash with LikwidSkillz & is affiliated with Demonios Sekt, Dusted Wax Kingdom & Supercoven.

Absztrakkt was originally born in Austria but now resides & represents Ludenscheid, Germany. He raps in German and is a part of X-Men Klan and 5.8. A.L.L.S.T.A.R.S. He is an artist and co-founder of 58Muzik.

Aura Phi native of the universe, was born in Spain / Sevilla. She is part of Universal Zulu NationEl hogar del Hip Hop – 3H and unconditional love in the cosmos. She is Mc and Beatmaker and her raps are in Castilian.

Marcin Czerechowicz aka Amos – The Ancient Prophet aka Polish Buddha aka Slavic Ghost, was born and currently resides in Wroclaw, Poland. He is a producer, a member of the original Lost Children of Babylon, as well as a rapper, in both English & Polish. He is Polish by nationality but has the blood of his ancient Belorussian ancestors in his veins. He is the founder of Ancient Productions, is a member of Revolt Motion Recordings, Vherbal Industries (Anno Domini) and Sadhu Militia.

Kush Nubia aka Dougla 13, is a Jamaican/Afro-Canadian who was born in Canada and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He speaks English, & represents Motosimba Music.

Artistic Team:

The Ramsuchit Family (Romain, Raphael Atma & Randy) are of Guyanese descent, but currently reside in Georgia, USA. Romain Ramsuchit aka Dara Salam & Faded Allah was born in Guyana, and Raphael Atma & Randy were born in New York. They are all Revolt Motion Recordings & Sadhu Militia video production team members.

Bionca Brayboy aka B Abstract Artist was born in the USA & currently resides in New Brighton, Minnesota, USA. “Here to make a difference, spread love and light through out every vessel of my body.” She is a visual artist for Sadhu Militia and is affiliated with Revolt Motion Recordings.

Julianne Dynneson aka knotS & Marcello Oliveri aka b0ilbUttzzZ are both Prince Albert, Saskatchewan natives, in Canada. knotS still resides there but b0ilz recently moved to Edmonton, Alberta. They are both visual artists and fire spinners who dabble in a bit of everything and are incredibly prolific. They are visual artists for Sadhu Militia, Revolt Motion Recordings & Cane Corso Records, New Cocoon & Demonios Sekt.

Svetlyo Blagoev aka Psykoize, was born in Samokov, Bulgaria, & now resides in Athens, Greece. He speaks English, Bulgarian & Greek. He is the official Sadhu Militia web designer, and is also the creator of He is affiliated with Revolt Motion Recordings.


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