Sadhu Militia is a superconscious spiritual hip-hop collective, a merging of minds from over 30 countries in more than 20 different languages…

About Us

Created by Karl Hubble (Anahata Beatspeaker) of Anahata Sacred Sound Current & Vimanas Project, & Anton Iorga, aka Kalki & Antony of Egypt, & given its name by Steve Olson aka Crazy Monk, Sadhu Militia is a fusion of minds, cultures, and languages from across the globe & beyond, tapping into the astral planes for etheric sustenance.

Some of you may be familiar with the Empty Handed Warriors movement, founded by Babylon Warchild’s Unknown Mizery. It is now a few hundred members strong from all around the world after several years of existence. What EHW is to raw, underground, politically militant hip-hop, Sadhu Militia is to its spiritual, Eastern philosophically inclined brother.

We are there to expand consciousness and unite a divided planet spiritually and psychically, astrally & mentally. In a world full of nationalism, patriotism, bigotry and close-minded linguistic, ethnic, religious and political affiliations, Sadhu Militia is breaking down the boundaries and bringing it back to the essence. We are all One with the Tao.

Currently we have about 21 or so members in this collective, but who knows where we will be next year. This is very well on the way to becoming a global movement. In several lifetimes, perhaps it will even have become intergalactic… who knows.

Sadhu Militia es una fusión de las mentes , las culturas y lenguas de todo el mundo y más allá. Estamos aqui para expandir la conciencia y unir a un planeta dividido espiritual, astral, mental y psíquicamente.

En un mundo lleno de nacionalismo, patriotismo, intolerancia,lingüística de mente cerrada, afiliaciones étnicas,religiosas y políticas, Sadhu Militia está derribando las fronteras y trae de vuelta a la esencia del ser. Todos somos Uno con el Tao.

Actualmente tenemos alrededor de 21 miembros , pero quién sabe dónde estaremos el año que viene . Esto está va camino a convertirse en un movimiento global, tal vez incluso se ha convertido en un movimiento intergaláctico … quién sabe… PAZ


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